What is ArtsBridge?

Artsbridge programs create university and K-12 school collaborations by partnering university arts students (scholars) with a K-12 teacher to introduce arts based instruction as a tool to address core curriculum areas such as english, math, social studies, and the sciences.

ArtsBridge responds to local priorities, striving to meet the specific needs of individual classrooms and overworked K-12 teachers. Schoolteachers identify particular classroom needs and collaborate with an ArtsBridge scholar and UCF faculty mentor to help students meet or exceed Sunshine State Standards.

Since its start in 1996, ArtsBridge has expanded to deliver arts curriculum to over 300,000 pupils, professional support for over 1,500 teachers in time of heavy budget cuts, and scholarship support for nearly 4,000 university arts students.

ArtsBridge benefits all of its partners: local K-12 schoolchildren and teachers and University students and faculty. Initial evaluations indicate that schoolchildren develop increased interest and abilities in the arts as well as growth in verbal and language abilities, concentration, classroom participation, and interest in attending college. Participating teachers express increased appreciation for and confidence in using the arts in their curriculum. And ArtsBridge scholars report overwhelming interest in pursuing careers in teaching and involvement in community service.

Why are we excited about ArtsBridge?

  • ArtsBridge improves students achievement in low-performing public schools.
  • Artsbridge increases student vocabulary scores in average of 92%.
  • Artsbridge links to national and state K-12 educational standards.

Teachers assessment of students' improvement indicates:

  • 59% improvement in student concentration
  • 54% change in attitudes of children towards attending college
  • 66% increase in language skills
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